A Father’s Love for His Daughter


This was given to me many years ago from a sister in the Lord. It came at the most amazing time. I was going through some insecurities and doubts about my calling. She had absolutely no idea. She simply said she heard the Holy Spirit tell her to give this to me. I came across it when looking for some prayers my husband asked me to print up for our daughters from my notes. I don’t believe anything happens by accident. I know He wanted me to see this tonight.

I pray it blesses you as much as it did me.           

My Precious Daughter

My precious, beloved daughter, you are the very delight of my existence, the joy of my innermost being. You are my temple, the home where I abide. I live in and through you. You are my dwelling place. There is no other place I would rather be. you are my favorite one.

I want you to hear and receive my declaration of love for you today. I want you to journey into the innermost places of my heart and hear my thoughts about you. I think of you constantly, without interruption. So many thoughts; so much love. There is no place you can go. There is nothing you can do or not do to keep my thoughts at bay. My heart is always springing forth like an eternal fountain. Drink deeply from this fountain and your image of yourself will change. Your image will become the same as my image and likeness.

Let me touch your eyes, your ears. I am enabling you to behold yourself with my sight, as your ears hear the conversation of love spoken about you in the heavenly realms. Yes, you are increasing from one state of glory to another and you will view me in all my fullness. Every time your thoughts rest upon me and my goodness, my faithfulness, I am filled with glee. You must know I am pleased with your thoughts towards me. (Psalm 104:33-34)

Today I am reaching out my feathers, my wings and gathering you close to my heart, deep within the immeasurable recesses of my love for you. (Psalm 91:4) I am bringing you close; close enough to hear my heartbeat, pulsing as it beats out the rhythm of your life. My desire is for you. Today, like all other days, is filled with new mercies. The old is passed away. The new is come, not might come, not will come, but is come. I am an ever present god. I am always in the present tense.

As I look at the reflection of light in your eyes I see the beauty of the sun rising in the sky. I see the depth of its setting displayed in the deepening hues of color flashing a personification of beauty beyond compare. When you rise up in the secret place, speaking my name into the situations of life, I hear an exhilarating deafening sound, like the Niagara, as it plummets over the cliffs. It ascends with power to my throne; there is power, anointing, and protection in the secret place. There is security here for I shield you all the day, all the night. My adoring gaze Is ever upon you. (Duet. 33:12)

When I watch you rest, it is like gentle winds blowing across the fields of grain waiting for the harvest. Many times I lead you besides still waters and cause you to lie down in green pastures bringing peace and replenishing your soul, your spirit. I love for you to rest. I am filling you, preparing you. Sometimes you get anxious during times of rest, feeling you should be busy. There is no need to do so. Remember, I often went away to rest and pray. Our Father rested on the seventh day. Rest is a good thing my beloved. Even now my wind is blowing, anticipating its journey through your heart. When you rest, I am at work preparing ground for the release of seed I have planted in you, all while placing new things in your heart. I am always doing a new thing. I never rely on old manna and neither should you.

Look up my daughter, look out to the horizon and see your fields are ripe for harvest. I have planned new manna to fill your life each and every day. There is always enough.

Today, I am handing you a new portion of victory in areas where you have seen defeat, in areas where you have dreamed and not seen victory. You see, when you are enfolded, encapsulated within the wings of my presence nothing else but victory is possible. Everything is possible to those who believe. (Mark 9:23) I will impart faith to you. I am close; close enough to envelop you in the very core of my being. My breath is upon you. You have captured my heart.

Remember, all creation groans, even longs for the revealing of the Son of God. Creation in all of its beauty, in its magnificence, stretching out across the earth and heavens can’t compare to your beauty, to the unfolding of your destiny. Creation longs to see you in all your fullness, o daughter of Zion. I will not let it be denied. I will not let my own heart be denied.

Arise my beautiful one. Arise and shine in the splendor planned for you before the foundation of the world. You are the apple of my eye, my beautiful, radiant one….right where you are…right now. 

13 Going On 40

I haven’t told too many people about this but I have been in the process of writing two books. One is about my life experiences and testimonies of my personal walk with God. The other is a mother/daughter devotional that my daughter, Julia, and I are writing together. I was talking to her friend who was visiting today about the devotional book and saying how we still need a title for it. I also discussed how I was writing a blog and another book about my life when God spoke through my daughter, Kalina confirming the title for my personal book. After we laughed for a minute I told her I loved it and that I am totally going to use it! It works so well for the book.
I attempted to blog about it but then I began really getting too much into the book. So I had to stop and start over. Without giving too much away I will share just a little about the book and I’m sure you will agree that the title, “13 Going On 40” is a great choice.
I have been through a whole lot in my life, some good and some bad. We all have a story, a testimony. This is simply a glance, an overview of mine.
I was just 13 years old when I got pregnant with my firstborn son. I’m sure you can only imagine what led to that happening and what took place after having him. Within three months I turned 14, had my son and then married his father. We had three more children, another son and two daughters together. We were married for 13 difficult and painful years. We divorced and I became a single mom at age 27. I have raised all four of my children pretty much on my own with very little to no help or support from my ex-husband. I did some things right but also made many mistakes. I look back and the only real regret I have is not raising my children to know the extravagant love and grace of the Lord from a young age. We were part of a religion for several years that did not believe or teach the grace of God (as well as many other things) and that mislead us in the teaching of the Word of God. Maybe if I had been able to teach them the true Jesus and not be scared to tell them what the Bible had to say then they wouldn’t have to struggle in some of the areas I did over the years. But we can only teach what we know and I did not know Jesus then like I do today. One of the things I was told was that I could not pray for myself and so I didn’t. I stopped praying because I was told God would not listen to my prayers because of my sins. I became so confused, angry, lost, and sick while “out in the world” for a few years separated from the Lord. I resubmitted and yielded my life to God when I was at my most broken point after watching a few nights of Joyce Meyer’s messages in middle of the night. I don’t believe I could get any more low than where I was at and I don’t ever want to be there again. I was lost and confused when God opened my eyes and heart to understand and receive HIS amazing love and grace. Oh how I thank Him for that day when I no longer believed the lies and refused to listen to them any longer. I began to call out upon the name of His Son and study the scripture for myself. My life has been such an incredible journey ever since then. God has answered every prayer I have prayed in some way or another.
One of those prayers was to remarry to man after God’s own heart. God answered that prayer three years ago when I married my best friend and awesome man of God. He has loved all of my children as his own and been a wonderful father figure to them despite never having children of his own. I credit that to God as well because my husband continually seeks God in prayer in all he does.
Fast forward a little more and here we are. It’s now 2013 and my youngest daughter is turning 18 this March. I can’t believe it! My little girl, 18! I have been a mom since I was 13 years old, just a child, and now all my children are grown. To top this all off, next month I am turning 40! Of course I will always be a mom and I still desire to have more children with my husband. We both love children and it is truly a blessing to be a parent. We are just waiting on God’s timing now.
At the same time this is also an entirely new chapter in my life & I am extremely excited about it and all that it will bring. Part of this chapter includes writing the books (as well as a song, but that’s a whole other story!). I have never done anything like this before. I did not go to high school. I did get my GED in my 30’s and have taken some college courses and Bible Ministry classes. Oh, but there is so much more. I have always said I would write a book about my life some day and that day is now here. This has been a long time dream and vision of mine and now I am working on it! I have so much to share from my heart that I hope will inspire and encourage others!
I will announce when I am finished writing the entire book and let you know when it is to be released. I am praying, God-willing, I will finish it this year. You will want to get it too because I know it will bless you to hear the whole story. There are many gaps and missing pieces here. It is a true story, my story, about overcoming trials and tribulations and experiencing victory and triumph in the Lord. It is about how He desires to hear you speak to Him and how He not only wants to answer you but will.
So what do you think my friends? Do you love the title as much as I do?
“13 Going On 40”
Life’s not ending it’s only a new beginning in an already extraordinary life.

Thank you to all who read my blog. May God Almighty show up in your life in unexpected ways and may you experience an overflow of blessings like never before. In Jesus name.

Thank You Lord For Friendships



When you see that word or hear it what do you envision? What picture comes to mind? What kind of emotions do you get? Do you laugh, cry, get excited, become frustrated? Do you recall fond memories made throughout the years? Are there things you would like to forget or regret doing or saying?  

Do you think about the number of friends you have? How many friends do you need? Does everyone have to be your friend? What is the quality of your friendship? What kind of friends do you have? Better yet what kind of friend are you to others?

www.dictionary.com defines a “Friend” as: A person attached to another by feelings of affection personal regard. A person who gives assistance; a supporter. A person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile. A member of the same nation, party, etc. A person associated with another as a contact on a social-networking Web site like Facebook.

I have friends that fit into each of those categories. I have those that are really close to me. They know my heart and have experienced me on a regular enough basis that know me very well. Our love for each other is like family.

I have those friends that I can depend on in my time of need. I know if I need an encouraging word, accountability, prayer, or assistance with anything else I can call on them and they will help to the best of their ability.

I have those in my life that I may not see often at all but we keep in contact and when we talk it is as if we have been in each others life the entire time.  

I have friends I have gone to work, school, and church with that I do not know so personally but none the less I have a caring for them in my heart and enjoy giving and receiving hugs and encouraging words.

I have friends from my youth that I have reconnected with through Facebook. I love it because I have got to be a part of their lives in a small way. I enjoy learning how their lives turned out and seeing the pictures of their beautiful families.

God never intended us to be alone. We all have a need and desire for friendship. I am grateful for every person that has come into my life. Even if it may have only been for a short season.

I want to encourage you today to thank God for your friendships. Pray over each of them. Each one is a unique person, with special gifts that add to your life in some way. Ask God to bless them. Pray for their needs.

If there are people that are difficult to love in your life or there is conflict submit them and the problem to God. Don’t become bitter. Friends hurt friends too, sometimes without even knowing it. Be forgiving! People make mistakes! Do not carry bitterness in your heart towards anyone. I guarantee you it will carry over into other relationships. When possible talk out the issue with your friend and resolve it.   

Ask God to remove anyone who should not be in your life and when they leave let them go. Be realistic. You don’t have to be close friends with every single person in your life. It’s not a popularity contest. Don’t deceive yourself that you don’t have friends at all or feel rejected just because there are some who don’t respond to you the way you want them to. Sometimes when we go through issues in life we can feel abandoned and rejected by people we want to reach out to us. That is just not the truth. God places the right people in your life if you simply ask and be open to the gifts they have to pour into your life.

Also remember in any relationship it is give and take. Not just take. While we should give without expecting or demanding anything in return, we can’t be selfish and just expect the other person to cater to all of our needs and not look to see how we can bless them.

Think about it, who wants to give all their energy, love, time, and devotion into someone who does not want to be in your life. It is like fighting against the wind. Wouldn’t it be much more beneficial for you and those friends in your life who need you and what you have to give to use all that and pour it into them?

I also want to encourage you to ask God to reveal to you what kind of friend you are to others. Be ready because you may not like what you hear. I am not saying to go out and talk to every person you know now and ask them what they think about you as a friend. But God can definitely speak to your spirit through a word, an experience with a friendship, and through conviction in your spirit when you are making an error. Just be open to make changes and grow where you can. You can’t be everything to everybody but you can be a blessing to someone.

God lead me to submit each of my friendships to Him at the beginning of this new year, praying for each, and declaring the blessings of God over their lives. The picture above is only a few women whom are like sisters to me. My friends mean the world to me. Some have seen me through various, sometimes challenging, stages of my life. Some are from my youth, others I only recently met, and there are those that are yet to come. Regardless of who they are I love them and thank God for whatever part they have played in my life. I also pray that I have been a blessing to each of them in some way as well and that I continue to be throughout our lives.

With all that said, I would like to honor each of my friends today. I wrote this poem a few years ago using the word of God. Many of them have read it because I usually repost it each year. Thank You Father God for Your plan regarding friendship.


Your Friendship

My friend this is a simple poem written just for you.

I hope it helps you understand, at least a little, what you do.

I have sought God about what I should be, as well as, look for in a friend.

& His words are all true is what I have found in the end.

I started in the book of Proverbs where you can find words inspired of God Divine.

I learned there that a friend is one who forgives & seeks love in Proverbs 17:9.

There is the friend that loves at all times & is born as a brother for adversity. Proverbs 17:17.

That is someone who sticks by you even in the hardest of times…You know what I mean?

Then there is also a friend that sticks closer than a brother found in Proverbs 18:24.

My friend, in our case it’s closer than a sister. Please bear with me there’s more.

The Bible does warn us that evil company corrupts good habits so we must be on guard.

Being wise and careful in choosing our friends can sometimes be hard.

We should avoid those prone to anger and perverse talk because it could cause us to do the same.

Instead we should seek out friendships that glorify and honor God’s Holy name.

Proverbs 27:9 describes the counsel of a friend as sweetness.

God’s Word says that giving counsel should be done with meekness.

Iron sharpens iron, so sharpens the countenance of his friend is what God’s Word tells me.

Encouraging, edifying, joyful, patient, forgiving, and loving is what we should be.

We ought to be able to depend on each other through times both good and bad.

Spending time laughing with great joy and weeping together when sad.

Able to trust each other with our burdens and willing to share.

Lifting each other to God in prayer, really showing that we care.

My dear friend and sister in Christ after all my study and research I have found,

That the qualities & characteristics of a true friend in you greatly abound. 

So when I pray to my Father in Heaven I can’t help but thank Him for you.

For your friendship has blessed my life richly by all that you do.

There is a season, a time for everything, every activity under heaven according to Ecclesiastes 3. And with all this said I just felt this was the time to tell you what your friendship means to me.

By JulieAnne Hollist

June 11, 2008

Are You A Mountain Climber?


Are You A Mountain Climber?

This morning as I was praying God showed me a picture of someone climbing a mountain and I was prompted to research what a mountain climber has to do in preparation of climbing a mountain. I jumped online and found a lot of great helpful information on mountain climbing. First of all there are different styles of climbing. One is the ‘Expedition style’ in which the climber makes several trips between camps set up on the mountain to carry supplies up to a higher camp. There are high expenditures for equipment and supplies with this type of climber because he/she is usually not alone and has other climbers with him/her. There is also a longer scale time up the mountain. Then there is the ‘Alpine style’ in which a climber does not have to continually make trips between camps so the scale time is much shorter. Since fewer supplies are needed for the climb there are usually less expenses. These climbers tend to take on the mountain and any challenges they will have to face on their own although they usually will let someone know that they are making the climb in case of any emergency.

Both types of climbers usually try to scope out and learn what they can about the mountain and they also realize and know the risks and dangers involved such as the possibility of an avalanche, poor weather conditions, injury, ice, snow, steep slopes or they could come across open or hidden crevasses. Because they understand the dangers, risks, and challenges of climbing any mountain they always make plans ahead of time and prepare for whatever they might experience during their climb.

With all the risks involved in mountain climbing it is very important that a climber makes sure that he/she has all of the proper equipment, tools, food, first aid kit, and clothing they will need before they set out on their challenge. If they know that they will be encountering a mountain with challenging terrain and weather conditions in which they’ve never climbed before they will usually turn to someone with experience or even take a class before beginning their quest. Mountain and rock climbing classes offer instruction about the equipment, tools, and supplies they will need and how to use them properly. They also teach what to do in different situations that climbers may encounter and how to overcome them. Climbers also learn assist and rescue techniques for in the event of an emergency. Many schools also offer ‘rock walls’ to learn basic climbing techniques and provide an opportunity to practice and train for their climb.

Mountain climbers realize the value of being in good physical condition for mountain climbing and so they will go through physical training in preparation for their climb. They focus on strengthening their legs with exercises such as stair climbing, running, and hiking and also do some weight training which is helpful in preparation for carrying a backpack or supplies. They don’t just show up to the mountain and try to take it on. During their climb, they make sure they are clothed properly, have all needed equipment, emergency tools, and they drink plenty of fluids so they stay hydrated. They pace themselves and don’t try to overdo it. Most mountain climbers usually don’t climb alone but have another person or even a group of people to climb with them.

Something else that I read of great importance is that a mountain climber doesn’t just need to be fit physically but mentally as well. They are often faced with having to make quick, sound decisions about their safety (and sometimes the safety of others), what direction to go, and the conditions on the mountain which can have major consequences on their life (and the lives of others).

So let me ask you, are you a mountain climber?

Mountains are often used to describe the hardships, trials, struggles, and the challenges we all face in life. Some are more like hills, small and not too bad to get up and over. Then there are those big mountains that can sometimes be pretty intimidating by looking at their size. There are times when we are climbing those large mountains we face that we might stop and look over at someone else’s mountain and think that theirs look much smaller in comparison. We may begin to question why ours is so much bigger. The problem with that is that our vision is usually somewhat distorted because when we look at something far off it simply appears smaller. So don’t deceive yourself and stop comparing your mountains with other people’s mountains.

You must also take into consideration the condition of the mountains something that is not always so noticeable from a distance. Mountain terrains are different. Some have more like dirt trails, some are thorny, and others rocky. It might be dry and barren or there may be trees and plants everywhere you turn. There may be a river of water flowing, small bodies of water, or there may be no water at all. The weather conditions vary as well. There may be rain, there may be sunshine, there may be snow & ice, or there could be fog. We all have to climb mountains at some point in our life and sometimes wish they would move or go away. But most times they don’t. You have to be ready for whatever conditions you may encounter on your own mountain. So don’t focus on anyone else’s mountain, instead prepare yourself to climb yours.

So how do you do that?

First of all you have to determine what kind of mountain you are facing and what style climber you will have to be. As an “Expedition style” climber you are not alone on the journey, you will travel with others. Some mountains will require us to climb with others. This means you will have support and help during the climb. So it is important to have other experienced mountain climbers with you. Sometimes you might have to take trips back and forth getting supplies and needs to take or get to the next stop. This kind of mountain might take some time to climb but if you are as prepared as you can be and make as few trips back as possible, then you will get to the top much faster.

If you are faced with a mountain that you cannot take someone to climb with you on, then you are climbing ‘Alpine style.’ You really need to look at the type of mountain and make sure you are not endangering yourself by going it alone. Be certain before you make the climb. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let someone know about the mountain, it just means it is a mountain that you have to climb on your own.

Regardless of which style climber you are, there are several things you will need in order to be successful and get to climb the mountain with as little problems as possible. It would definitely be beneficial for you to have a plan and prepare in every way necessary to climb the mountain. Develop an action plan that will help you reach your aspiration of reaching the mountaintop. Map out the direction you desire to take and have a backup plan should something come up along that road. Pay attention to warning signs. Pace yourself, don’t overdo it. You will avoid unnecessary stress by doing so.

Make sure you have the correct tools, equipment, and knowledge you will need to make the climb. You want to be sure you learn from someone experienced, someone who has successfully been up that type of mountain and who has overcome obstacles they faced. I can’t stress enough the need for proper instruction, training, and guidance.

You will want to know all the risks, dangers, or obstacles you may face and know ways to overcome them. You will also need to make sure you are physically and spiritually fit. You want to be strong and healthy. Eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Be prepared mentally and emotionally to handle making sound decisions and judgments. When faced with a challenging decision you don’t want to be led by your emotions. You will need to be alert, well-rested and focused. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Pray. Pray. Pray. Know that HE is with you wherever you go!

This can apply to practically any area of your life that you are facing, be it relational, spiritually, physically, etc. Could be a small mountain, could be a big one. Whatever size or type, just make sure you prepare yourself in these ways and celebrate when you reach the top and master your mountain! Then when you get there look and see what has been waiting for you on the other side!

Declare this with me:


God does answers prayers!

God does answers prayers!

I have a huge testimony to share with you today to prove that prayer works!
I made it to church today despite the pain of a fibromyalgia flare-up and pain from my back injuries I been having the past few days. I got to get lots hugs which I love and even had an opportunity to bless some friends.
Well today was also the release of a young man’s first cd. His name is Tanner and he is just . I was already planning to get a couple copies for gifts. Both me & my daughter, Julia, went and bought several. We went upstairs during the service & my hubby made it from work (yeah! thank you Lord!) to join us. Toward the end of the service I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to purchase some more of Tanner’s cds. I leaned in and told my hubby I hear God saying to get some more cds. God will provide and I have to be obedient. He agreed and then I let Julia know that after the service I needed to go down and get some more. So we made our way down and grabbed some more. When I got to the register to pay I was told because of my purchase I was going to receive a shawl. I was like what? Now my friends hear me out…. I literally was praying to be able to get a prayer shawl last week!!!!!!! I truly believe because I was obedient and because of my prayers God blessed me. Not with just anything but with a such a special gift that I have been desiring for some time but had only asked for last week. & not only that, BUT LOOK what it says on the package and where it is from!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shaking I was soooo excited!!!! GOD IS INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! So Thank You Tanner and DWOC bookstore!!!!! You really made my day!!!! God has already worked a miracle through you today in blessing me with a desire of my heart!!!! So I know without a doubt that you will greatly impact many around the world with your work & testimony for the glory of God!!! =)))))))
My friends you can check out Tanner’s blog @ http://www.tannerdelano.com/blog.cfm
Check it out! You will definitely be blessed!
Also, pray! What are the desires of your heart? God cares! & He is ready to answer and make them a reality if only you would ASK HIM!  How do I know? Because His word promises so!
Psalm 37:3-5 (AMP)
3 Trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) in the Lord and do good; so shall you dwell in the land and feed surely on His faithfulness, and truly you shall be fed.
4 Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.
5 Commit your way to the Lord [roll and repose each care of your load on Him]; trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass.